Leader system - SBR is the first rail operator in Australia to utilise the ‘Leader System’. This system will enable drivers to operate our locomotives at optimum performance. Leader is a driver aid which uses track data and operating rules to establish the best way to handle the train.

IN LINE FUELING SYSTEMSBR’s unique ‘in line’ fuelling system reduces fuel costs by enabling the purchase of fuel at the most competitive rates.

IONX - Wheel bearing failure is one of the largest contributing factors in the cause of derailments where the consequences can be catastrophic. SBR are working with IONX to trial onboard hot bearing detectors

BIO DIESEL - For the IMX project SBR will become the first railway operator in Australia to run their fuel efficient 4500hp AC locomotives on B20 biodiesel. This is the maximum level of biodiesel mandated for use in Australia and comprises of 20% biodiesel and 80% mineral diesel. In real terms SBR by using biodiesel will save a total of 1,176 tons of carbon per year on running 6 services per week. This equates to over 23.5 million black balloons saved every year in carbon emissions

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